Producing Interactive Maps as low as $50 a month with

If you are an educator, museum, and archeological society. This is a great way to produce an interactive map that links to a timeline to present historical events or archeological sites. Each event can have a pin or an animation with a text box that contains images or video, links and a descriptive text.

Producing Educational Video as low as $5000

Producing an animated educational video is a great way to attract the attention of educators and students about a historical event. Because of the way MPO produce its video we always are able to captivate the students' attention. Because we are giving them exactly what they want and need. Videos that are adapted to students of the twenty-first century.

Producing Lessons as low as $1000

MPO can make for you lessons that are directly related to a group of events in history permitting to promote a specific historical moment in time. This is a great way to communicate a message to educators and students about your museum or organization.


Get result without breaking the bank.

This is what MPO is all about. We want you to get your message across without it costing a fortune. With our technology you are now able to reach educators and students like never before by producing interactive material, videos and lessons that educator and students will use. This means your message will be heard by 10,000 of thousands of people.

How can MPO help you attract educators and students' attention?

MPO is able to help you attract educators and students' attention. Because of its innovative way and approach. We use the latest technology to interest educators and students. We keep the information to its bare minimum without overwhelming the user. But we always offer more information if the user desire to get more detail. The user is always in control of what they want to see.


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